Company safety and communication programs: a priority

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Safety is an important value for any organization. Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) policies protect your employees, minimize potential liability for the organization, and undoubtedly improve customer service.

A company’s OH&S policy sets out your organization’s commitment to OH&S together with the specific arrangements you implement for managing this in your business.

It is a unique document that says who does what, when and how. An active and diligently implemented safety management plan successfully builds a strong culture of safety, mitigating the likelihood of accidents and incidents.


Some simple suggestions from the team @ on how we embed safety in our company’s culture as a priority:-

1. Safety Communications

  • Engage in regular safety communications, for example
  • have a safety focus moment every day.
  • appoint a safety team that meets regularly.
  • circulate a safety newsletter with top parking safety and industry tips
  • recognize key safety achievements, improvements and successes.

2. Develop a Safety Culture:

  • Ensure there is a responsible individual or department in your organisation who pilots your company’s OH&S program and is committed to getting everyone on board.
  • Thinking & talking safety at every opportunity. As simple as “Don’t drive or walk while talking on your mobile phone.” Signage is a great reinforcement tool.
smartphone-parking-bollard-with auto-closing-sensor-TMS-APL5-and-TMS-APL6-upright
TMS-APL5 and TMS-APL6 smartphone parking bollard with auto-closing sensor

3. Emergency Safety Procedures:

  • Are you and your team familiarised with your emergency safety procedures ? Do you action emergency fire drills, spills, evacuation and other test procedures?
  • Is the responsibility to check emergency safety and workplace hazard signage and equipment diarised and allocated regularly.
  • Do you have a current contact list of all your employees as well as your customer contacts and suppliers? Is this regularly reviewed and updated ?

4. Is there formal documentation in regards to the safety program in your organisation?

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