5 future trends for our cities that COVID has taught us

5 future trends for our cities that COVID has taught us | thatsmyspot

Our behaviours in cities have changed.

That’s a no brainer.

Propelling us to improve urban planning…

To accommodate the necessary physical and social distancing changes.


These are 5 of the clear future trends for our cities that COVID has taught us, and we adapted in 2020.

1. We CYCLE AND WALK MORE… so local governments and cities have improved cycleways and footpaths.

2. We embraced social distancing, so our cities have become more creative about how we use PUBLIC SPACES.

3. CONTACT TRACING… Australia’s fabulous response to uptake of the Covidsafe app means that with subsequent outbreaks, our governments can respond speedily with contact tracing.

4. Our growing acceptance of the benefits of technology in the pandemic means that our attitude towards DATA CAPTURE as a society has shifted.

This social shift is now a platform for smart cities to become even smarter.

5. WFH gives us all so much more flexibility, but we crave real-life in-person connection with other human beings.

Plus a change of scenery in our workplace also makes us more productive.

So 2020 has taught us that RE-BALANCING THE WORKPLACE to mix it up a bit looks good going forward.

What do you think …

What are the key takeaways we learnt?

And what will we take forward with us in 2021?

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