Three Reasons Why Bollards Are a Must-Have

Fixed Bollards installed in front of a cafe.

Three reasons why bollards are a must have when enhancing your spaces. Whether it is a retail store, a hospital, or an office building, implementing safety measures can prevent accidents and injuries. Bollards are a durable solution that can guide you and protect structures from vehicle collisions, explosions, and other hazards.

From defining spaces without compromising aesthetics to prioritising safety without compromising accessibility, bollards guide pedestrians and vehicles through high traffic areas, prevent accidents and keeping people safe. They also prevent vehicles from entering restricted areas, such as loading docks or pedestrian walkways. Lastly, safety bollards serve as a visual cue to remind people of potential hazards. In this blog post, we will explore the three key reason why safety bollards are essential for any indoor space.

Reason 1: Functional Aesthetics – Where Form Meets Function

Beyond their functional benefits, bollards contribute to the overall aesthetics of an area. With a wide range of designs, materials, and finishes, they can complement architectural styles, enhance landscaping, and contribute to the visual appeal of public spaces. These protectors seamlessly merge functionality with design, enhancing both safety and the visual environment.


Bollards Define Spaces Without Compromising Aesthetics

A cafe store installed a bollard in the sidewalk.

Bollards step in to mark spaces without overshadowing your style when you enter a large and undefined area. In streetscapes, architectural bollards are typically aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. Building Managers use architectural bollards in streetscapes to effortlessly maintain and separate pedestrian and vehicle traffic flow while adding an artistic touch. Manufacturers make bollards in a variety of materials, including stainless steel, refined wood, or vibrantly painted options. So for example, sleek designer bollards which seamlessly suit the surroundings when walking into a hip café, are far more appealing than plain timber posts. Think of design around chic art galleries or trendy co-working spaces, ensuring safety but complementing it with designer bollards.

A fixed bollard looks like a penguin.

The Elegance Equation

Bollards can use their aesthetics without compromise. They can effortlessly blend into any environment with a suitable selection of materials ranging from classic stainless steel to the warmth of elegant wood. People often paint bollards for lightness, humor, and creativity [1].

Reason 2: Safety First – Bollards Protect What Matters

Bollards are a crucial asset for maintaining safety and security. They act as a reliable barrier, safeguarding pedestrians, buildings, and vehicles from potential collisions and unwanted access. Whether it’s protecting storefronts, public spaces, or sensitive areas, bollards offer a first line of defense.

Bollards Creates Safe Zones

A red huge bollard in front of a shopping centre.

As a building owner,you ensure the safety of your property. You use glass windows, doors, and entryways for both light and visibility, as well as to showcase merchandise. So protecting those glass entryways and window displays are one of the important functions that safety bollards achieve. Unintentional car accidents could both result in property damage and injury to pedestrians, which is where these sturdy safety bollards stand strong and tall, like silent guardians. Strategically placed to ensure that property remains undamaged, and where possible blending in with the aesthetics.

Keeping People Safe

Colorful Bollards in front of the cafe.

Don’t just think of bollards as being for protecting property – they also also protect people. Imagine a bustling hotel lobby where guests are constantly coming and going. Safety bollards can keep vehicular traffic away from pedestrian foot traffic, maintain order, and prevent collisions, especially in busy spaces. Bollards play an important role by securing spaces from potential threats.

Another example, is sidewalk alfresco dining. Installing safety bollards around pop up sidewalk cafes, especially those near busy streets, can keep seated diners and pedestrians safe from inadvertent car accidents encroaching the footpath [2].

Reason 3: Bollards Secure Parking Spots

Fixed Parking bollard installed in apartment parking space.

Remote control bollards play a vital role in managing and organizing traffic within a property. Whether it’s a parking lot, industrial facility, or a busy urban street, proper traffic flow is essential for efficiency and safety.

Parking Lot Guidance Reason

Bollards in parking lots help to designate parking spaces, guide drivers, and prevent encroachment into pedestrian walkways. They ensure a smoother parking experience and minimize the risk of accidents.

There are different types of parking bollards that can help your building, especially with parking-related issues. Fixed bollards and automatic bollards are examples of bollards that provide security and control access to specific areas. However, they differ significantly in their operation and flexibility.

Fixed Bollards installed in an outdoor parking lot.

Fixed bollards: remain in a fixed, upright position at all times because they are permanently install in the ground. They serve as a constant physical barrier and do not move or retract. Fixed bollards typically comprise durable materials like steel or concrete and have no moving parts, designed for long-term use.

They are typically use in situations where they need a permanent physical barrier. Examples include commercial parking spots, protecting storefronts from vehicle collisions, and defining pedestrian zones.

Automatic Parking bollard installed in outdoor parking lot.

Automatic bollards: have a retractable or removable feature. They can raise or lower as needed, either manually or through automated systems, to control access. People can operate automatic bollards using a variety of methods, such as key fobs, access control systems, or remote control.

Often, scenarios require controlled access, but authorized users need flexibility to grant access. This includes entrances to gated communities, secure parking facilities, embassies, and commercial properties.

If you are a building owner, you should base your choice between fixed and automatic bollards on the specific security and access control needs of your property. When making the decision, consider factors, reasons such as security requirements and the frequency of access changes. Fixed bollards offer constant, fixed protection, while automatic bollards provide greater flexibility in managing access.

Bollards are  strong barriers that are essential additions to so many property spaces. Remember, bollards are more than just fixed posts; they’re the silent partners that contribute to the harmony and functionality of your spaces. Their presence goes beyond security and safety; they are an integral part of the design and organization of property environments.

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