3 Times Bollards Saved the Day

The silver car got crashed in front if the store.

Parking bollards play a crucial role in maintaining safety in every urban area or parking lot. They prevent illegal parking or unauthorised access to restricted areas and have saved the day countless times in various situations. These sturdy and often immovable posts may seem like a minor detail, but they add an extra layer of protection.

In this blog, we explain how innovative parking bollards ensure safety and security

Bollards Saved the Day by Stopping car collisions

Bollards provide a solution in busy urban spaces where the chances of a car wandering into pedestrian zones are higher. They act as invisible boundaries and are positioned around footpaths to keep vehicles in designated lanes, and preventing mishaps.

The Time Square Street Accident, New York

A car crashed in front of shopping center in Times Square, New York. CNN News
A car crashed in front of shopping center in Times Square, New York. CNN News

A prime example of where bollards saved the day from what could have been a fatal accident was in Times Square in New York on May 18, 2017. There, a driver lost control of his vehicle and crashed in front of a shopping store. Fortunately for surrounding pedestrians and shopkeepers, a series of several fixed steel bollards were installed on the street corner of 45th Broadway in Times Square bringing the speeding vehicle to an immediate stop. While the vehicle was significantly damaged, the strength and integrity of these super strong fixed bollards prevented what could have been far more fatal injury and damage to both people and property preventative action.

The tragedy in Time Square that brings to light various crucial issues and predicaments. This situation clearly showed how easily your car can become a  fatal weapon. It emphasizes the critical importance of putting bollards in places with significant pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The bollard poles shield you on the street corner and serve to protect pedestrians from these types of situations..

Bollards strategically installed on the Time Square sidewalk spared potential harm to anyone. The resilient bollards shielded parked vehicles from destruction avoiding significant property damage. These fixed parking bollards served as silent yet indispensable protectors, proving their effectiveness [1]. 


Bollards Saved the Day by Saving Shoppers Lives

The police officer damaged car plough in the fixed bollard.
The police officer damaged car plough in the fixed bollard. Cumbriack Crack

In an incident reported by Cumbria Crack, an off-duty police officer found himself in a collision involving a fixed bollard. The incident occurred while he was driving home after completing a night shift. The office lost control of his car in Lancashire, England, after night shift. 

CCTV cameras captured the moment he drifted left before ploughing into a stationary Vauxhall and a bollard. There were no injuries although significant damage was caused both vehicles and the bollard was uprooted.

The shoppers caught the blue car  drifting in front of the store.

This incident serves as a reminder that accidents can happen to anyone, even those with professional driving experience. It also highlights the importance of road safety measures, including the strategic placement of bollards. By acting as physical obstacles, bollards help drivers stay on track, navigate safely, and avoid unintended collisions.

Parking Bollards are silent guardians that prevent accidents, protect pedestrians and drivers, and guide traffic. They are not just metal posts lining the streets. They can save lives by preventing vehicles from encroaching on pedestrian areas like the one in the incident [2].

Accident in the County of Durham, United Kingdom

A driver found themselves in a tricky situation at a County Durham shopping centre, and firefighters had to come to their rescue. Reports of a two-car collision in January 2023. The crash resulted in one of the cars, a silver Mercedes became stuck on top of a bollard.

The bollard in place just outside the store entrance prevented  the car in the collision   from careening out of control and potentially causing catastrophic consequences. Without these essential sentinels, the situation could have unfolded far differently, with injuries sustained and lives disrupted. Without the bollard in place, the car would have smashed into the store façade, causing extensive damage and posing a serious risk to shoppers and passersby. Again,  the  parking bollards here served as an  essential safeguard [2] .

Bollards Prevent Unathorised Parking

The disabled parking bay with bollards.
The disabled parking bay with bollards.

In the realm of ethical considerations, few acts are more thoughtless and inconsiderate than parking in a designated disabled space when not entitled to do so.

Occupying a spot reserved for those with mobility challenges can reflect a disregard for the needs and rights of others. 

Australian Post Worker Got Slammed Online!

A featured report by Yahoo News Australia in just February 2023 revealed that an Australia Post worker parked in a shared access area between two disabled parking bay in a Queensland shopping centre.

The van was parked over the ‘no parking’ markings, and a photograph went viral online, causing concern and raising more than a few eyebrows. The ongoing conversation and outrage about parking in accessible and disabled spaces is always a hot topic.

And Australia Post had to step up to the plate to explain themselves and apologise. A pretty embarrassing situation for a government body.

But this problem about parking in accessible parking bays could have been easily avoided by installing a smart parking bollard. Preventing this type of disrespectful behaviour such as in the Australia Post incident is far better than having people “name and shame” after the event. It also preserves the parking bays for those with mobility challenges. 

When people see these barriers protecting disabled spaces, it encourages them to reflect on the importance of equitable access and the consequences of actions that compromise it. This incident could serve as a catalyst for change, prompting conversations around the necessity of parking bollards in every parking facility. The installation of parking bollards goes beyond preventing unauthorized parking. It sends a powerful message about societal values, demonstrating a commitment to inclusivity, respect, and ethical considerations. It shows that practical measures can align with moral principles, creating an environment where people feel supported and cared for [3].

Parking bollards are defenders of our urban landscapes. From creating safe and organised parking spaces to preventing unauthorised parking, these strong sentinels ensure smooth traffic flow and peace of mind for drivers and pedestrians alike. 

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