A Message From Our Founder – Angelique

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Hi, I am Angelique, founder and owner of thatsmyspot.com.au .

In 2009 when I started this company, my goal was to find an efficient way to deal with the annoyance and frustration of pesky parkers who parked in MY parking spot.

As a busy professional and mother of three, I needed my parking space to be free for my use as and when I needed it, NOT to meet the needs of someone else’s thoughtless convenience.

It was and still continues to be a problem countless people face – and I was determined and on a mission to find a solution!

And, that’s how thatsmyspot.com.au was created …

A decade on, thatsmyspot.com.au is synonymous with offering savvy individuals smart parking solutions, with exceptional quality to back our reputation.

Today our range comprises parking bollards in manual, remote control and smartphone form – and for the record they are also known as parking locks, parking barriers, and even fold down parking posts. Our range enables you to protect and monitor your parking spot albeit at home, work, in communal residential apartment, strata, commercial or industrial parking situations. Our goal is to deliver the best parking solution for your individual needs, and that meets your price point. All to make your life easier and stress- free when it comes to your parking spot!

Building a company whose products equal quality, longevity and have been rigorously tested in all climatic conditions was my priority. So, too, was adaptability and listening to the parking challenges that you, my clients, face daily, so I can provide you with tailor-made, professional, and competitively priced parking solutions. All of this, bundled up with personality and good old-fashioned personalized and reliable customer service!

I look forward to making your life easier and stress-free with a range of our fabulous parking solutions from thatsmyspot.com.au.



Warm Regards,


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