What’s the best Bollard for your Parking Space?

Parking spot bollards are a crucial instrument in traffic management and pedestrian safety in high traffic regions. For the purpose of separating lanes of traffic and establishing distinct borders for automobiles and other vehicles, these strong, cylindrical posts are used. It might be challenging to decide which style of bollard is best for your parking lot, though, given the wide variety that are available. To help you choose the best bollard for your needs, we’ll look in more detail at some of the best bollard for your parking space in this guide.

Fixed (or Permanent) Parking Bollards

Stainless steel fixed security bollards to secure pedestrian access

In Australia, the most common kind of parking space bollards are fixed bollards. This type of bollard for your parking space is designed to protect around it as they are fixed. These are anchored into the ground and not meant to be moved. And they are mounted either inground or surface mounted.  They come in a variety of finishes – often painted or coated in a bright safety yellow to stand out. Or in other situations, to blend in with the surrounding architecture or parkland. So you’ll often see them in a variety of finishes, including concrete and timber, to stainless steel or powder-coated steel. All designed to withstand the elements. 

Typically, fixed or permanent bollards are constructed of steel or concrete. Because they are long-lasting and extremely visible, permanent bollards are a great option for parking lots with a lot of foot activity. They can be used to delineate parking spaces and are excellent for keeping cars out of pedestrian-only zones.


Parking Space Removable Bollards

In Australia, removable bollards are also a very popular choice for parking areas. The beauty of removable bollards is their versatility. They can appear and stand up as fixed bollards at times. Then at other times when you need access, they can be either removed, or retracted or folded down. This puts them out of the way. For parking lots that need fairly frequent configuration changes (lane or directional changes, pedestrian access) these bollards are a wonderful option. They are simple to move and fold down out of the way as needed! 

Removable bollards are normally constructed from steel, timber or aluminium. They are frequently painted or coated to blend in with the surroundings. Because they can be removed to make room for pedestrians to pass, they are a great option for parking areas with a lot of foot traffic.

Remote Control Parking Bollards

Car Parking With Remote Control Bollard
Remote Control Parking Bollard TMS-APL2 installed Coogee

In Australia, remote control parking bollards are an innovative and cost-effective way to manage parking spots. This type of automated bollard, is designed to secure each individual parking spot. For convenience, the driver just uses a remote control to lower and raise them. This makes it super easy to use for the authorised drivers and cars to access the parking spot. And since they are operated by remote control, you don’t have to get out of the car, so are very safe and efficient to use.  They are usually painted safety yellow to stand out so pedestrians can see them clearly.

You can also get retractable steel bollards that lower down completely into the ground for high security areas. These are usually controlled remotely, and you’ll see them at landmarks often when you need to restrict vehicle access at some times, but allow them in for special occasions. Just like the ones at Sydney Opera House. These are especially useful where there is a lot of foot traffic. 

Car Bollards for your parking space

Car bollards are a particular kind of bollard made with collision protection in mind. They are frequently painted or coated to fit the surroundings and are normally composed of steel or aluminium. Car bollards are a great option for parking lots with a lot of foot traffic since they can stop cars from colliding with other vehicles or people.

Bollards in Parking Lots: Some Things to Keep in Mind

There are a few important factors to take into account while selecting bollards for your parking lot. The amount of foot traffic in your parking lot as well as the kinds of automobiles that will be using the area should be your first priorities. Additionally, consider how the bollards will fit into the general style of your parking lot and whether they will enhance it. The importance of parking lot bollards for safety and security should also be taken into account.

Parking Bollard Maintenance

Bollard Maintenance – Installing remote control parking bollards TMS-APL2

The amount of upkeep needed for the bollards is another crucial factor. Bollards that are permanently installed, as opposed to those that must be periodically removed and replaced, may need less maintenance.

Remote Control Parking Bollards also need some routine tlc, with maintenance to make sure they operate smoothly. Parking bollards get driven over and take a bit of a beating, so every now and then, just wipe them over, charge their battery and give them a little love!

Thinking of installing Parking Bollards in your parking lot?

So, you’re thinking of adding bollards to your parking lot? Good call! Bollards are an essential tool for:

  • Traffic management: Managing traffic and keeping pedestrians safe in high traffic areas. Permanent bollards, removable bollards, remote control parking bollards, and car bollards are all great options to choose from. When deciding on the best type of bollard for your space, consider the amount of foot traffic, the types of vehicles using the space, the overall look of your parking lot, and the level of maintenance required.
  • Safety and security: Preventing cars from entering pedestrian-only areas and marking the boundaries of parking spaces. They also help with traffic flow and keeping the area safe.
  • Aesthetics: Bollards come in different styles and can be painted or coated to match the surrounding area. This means they’ll blend in seamlessly and add a touch of elegance to the space. So, if you want to improve the safety and functionality of your parking lot, consider installing bollards. They’ll have your back and make your parking lot look great!

Summing it all up ….!

Overall, bollards for parking bays in Australia are an highly useful and essential tool for traffic management, security and pedestrian safety, as well as keeping your property assets looking good! You can create a safe and functional parking lot that looks great and meets the needs of all users by installing the right bollards. Consider installing parking bollards today if you want to improve the safety and functionality of your parking lot.

Manual parking bollards
Manual parking bollards installed in visitor parking bays