Parking Bollards in Manly Beach

We’ve been out on the town, looking for parking bollards again! Here’s your weekly dose of what we found. This time, we went scouring for parking bollards in Manly, Sydney. They are pretty prolific out this way given the high crossover of pedestrians and motor vehicles trying to access Manly’s picturesque beaches. We settled on highlighting the following specimens.


fixed bollards


Behold – some bollards in a roadway adjacent Manly beach. These bollards found themselves securing pedestrian safety against would-be wandering vehicles. And if you think that’s merely for show, allow us to zoom in on this bollard as a cautionary tale.


parking bollards manly


Just look at this dent. Imagine the damage if this parking bollard had not absorbed the impact! Let this unsung hero of a bollard conjure to mind superman heroically catching a meteor before it strikes the planet – safeguarding civilians.


Fixed bollards are great at fulfilling this type of role. Structurally sound, and rigorously tested, these reinforced bollards have been specifically engineered to withstand absurd degrees of impact force. They are widely used to delineate vehicular traffic from footpath traffic. You’ll find them in car parks, running parallel to sidewalks, outside store fronts to protect their glass windows, and along any access roads such as this one designed to facilitate large crowds of foot traffic.


For added flexibility, many fixed bollards fall into the removable bollard category, in which case adding or subtracting them from a setting is as simple as unscrewing or clipping them. This way service or delivery vehicles can still be permitted access on demand, but there isn’t any free flow for unauthorised vehicles. 


We are glad we were able to bring this fearless bollard occupation to your attention. Never forget the service this lone parking bollard in Manly undertook for our nation. And that it still stands guard today is even more impressive!


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