Parking Bollards for Every Problem: Do Any of These “Bad Parkers” Sound Familiar To You?

Bad parkers

We frequently get asked this question.

What are the different types of bollards available and in what situation would you choose them?

There are as many different types of parking bollards as there are parking problems. To illustrate this, we’ve placed the different types of bollards into some of the various “bad parker” scenarios they may be best suited to.

After all, while bad drivers get a lot of publicity, does anyone really consider the fact that these same people have to park sometime? Where do they go? Who do they terrorise then?

The Bad Parker: The Opportunist

Hawk BirdThey couldn’t help themselves – they told themselves they would be quick enough that no one would be the wiser they had blocked your parking spot. They are the opportunist, and they spring up outside homes, places of work, business parks, commercial parking lots, you name it, to claim your personal parking bay.


The Parking Solution: An Automatic Parking Bollard

Automatic parking bollards offer peace of mind from unauthorised parking or traffic flow, as well as collapsing for ease of access at the click of a button. There are two convenient types of automatic parking bollards to choose from. The first is remote-control parking bollards, which rise and fall at the push of a button on the supplied remote controls. The second is smartphone-operated bollards, which increase convenience even further by requiring nothing but your smartphone to operate. You and whomever else requires access to the parking area need only download the free app and control the collapse of the automatic parking bollard directly from your device, which is especially convenient if multiple people require frequent usage of the parking bay. Regain control over who gets to use your parking space. 

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Sudden reverser

The Bad Parker: The Sudden Reverser

They are unwieldy. Their car is covered in scars from an unfortunate lifetime of casualties. These parkers neglect to look behind them, and before they know it, they have rammed their vehicle into something important.




The Parking Solution: A Fixed Parking Bollard

Fixed parking bollards are a popular choice when it comes to securing vulnerable building components or pedestrians from vehicle impact.  Fixed parking bollards usage ranges from roadway and pedestrian demarcation to ensure the safety of all parties and facilitate seamless traffic flow, to asset protection when fixed parking bollards are stationed outside vulnerable building components such as store fronts. Our fixed parking bollards come in bright yellow with red reflective tape as a visual guide to entry and exit points, as well as a deterrent to unauthorised access. Fixed parking bollards have furthermore been an effective guard against ram-raids, a smash-and-grab tactic that involves ramming a vehicle through a store window to loot its contents in the shortest duration possible. Durably designed to withstand vehicle impact, fixed parking bollards offer the ultimate in peace of mind for security applications of parking bollards in areas where you don’t want traffic at all.


Don’t get caught out by vehicle impact, deliberate or otherwise.

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The Bad Parker: The L-Plater

They don’t know any better. This is mum’s car. They’ve got the wrong indicator on and they’re headed up the wrong ramp. If only there were some kind of sign.


The Parking Solution: A Manual Parking Bollard

Frustrated Driver Looking For Car parkRetractable, cost-effective and bright yellow with red reflective tape for optimal visibility. Manual parking bollards serve as visual guides for directing traffic flow while retaining the option to be collapsed to permit access as needed. A popular choice when cordoning off areas to certain parties while opening it up to others. Due to their versatility and affordability, manual parking bollards are seeing usage inside and outside warehouses, in parking lots, outside store fronts and in residential or business parking spots in an individual’s capacity. For even further savings, we offer discounts on any bulk orders, which can be keyed alike for effortless accessibility.


For elegant traffic flow and parking solutions…

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Bad drivers have to come to a stop sometime. When they do, be prepared. Our friendly sales team will be more than happy to help you find a solution tailored to fit any problematic parkers.