How do I install my parking lock?

Its very simple to do – just drill three holes into your level concrete parking floor and fit your parking barrier to the ground with the three hextop ankascrews supplied with your parking lock. You’ll need to use a concrete drill with a 6 mm diameter drill bit and a drill a hole just 50 mm deep into the concrete so that it’s BCA compliant. If you need help with installation, please contact us and we can assist with installation.

After my parking lock is installed, can I later move it to a different location? Of course you can. Just remove the ankascrews and away you go and you can move the parking lock to a new location!

Need help installing your parking lock?

Our team are available to assist you with installing your parking solutions.  Simply click here to fill out our installation quote form and we will provide you with a custom quote based on your location and needs.

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