Beautiful Bondi Beach

This case study showcases how solved some serious parking pain with our parking bollards for a hospitality venue in Bondi!

Bondi is a parking nightmare!

Even the beach needs parking bollards! Beautiful Bondi is probably the renowned beach in Australia, even on the global stage. It’s one of the most sought out locations in Sydney. For its beaches to its long stretch of cafes and shops, and vibing social life. Sydney-siders flock the sunny streets to take advantage of these picturesque locations. With these captivating regions however comes overcrowding. And no one knows more about just how high the volume of traffic can get than Bondi residents.

Due to its renowned fame, people are always searching for that golden parking spot. In a shortage of parking spots for the thousands of visitors frequenting the area! It is definitely frustrating for visitors planning their day tripsto Bondi to find parking. But it’s even more frustrating for people who live and work there. A daily commute back home to Bondi, or in to work, can be stressful on its own. When you factor in that residents and workers can’t find parking, then it’s a very messy outcome!

Fold-down manual parking bollards

The problem escalates more with Waverly Council reporting that only 26% of reported illegal parking belongs to Waverly registered vehicles. This means that 73% of vehicles reported as illegally parked belong to those who live outside Bondi or Waverley municipality. So you can understand how residents are continually frustrated. As a constant flow of illegally parked cars from out of area means that residents experience daily parking shortages.

What Bondi Diggers did to solve their parking challenges

Bondi Diggers and RSL asked us to help them solve this very issue. With beachgoers parking in the club’s onsite parking, members, directors, and visitors couldn’t find parking at the RSL club. This is a rising issue seen across the hospitality industry. Both patrons and staff struggle to find the parking bays that management allocates for them. By implementing parking bollards in designated areas, we overcame this problem for the RSL. Illegally parked vehicles could no longer disrupt the activities of those permitted in the venue’s parking lot.

We were delighted to install our carpark bollards to remedy this day-to-day stress. 


By installing our superstrong fold-down parking bollards in this hospitality venue in Bondi in designated areas, it meant that the Diggers RSL could ensure that no illegal parking would disrupt the day-to-day activities of those members, committee members and authorized guests permitted in those areas. And it works both ways.  Plus the bollards give visitors clearer signage to fines for accidentally parking in illegal zones.

In areas with such high traffic, it becomes imperative to utilise strategies like carpark bollards in designated zones. And it works both ways. Venue members can rest assured that they have a bay as their parking bollard keeps it safely reserved. And visitors can see more clearly which spots not to park in. This means that they won’t get fines for inadvertent illegal parking in bays designated for members. So parking bollards for hospitality venues like these in Bondi significantly enhance member and guest experience.

No more circling around their own club trying to find a parking spot close enough! No more arriving that extra hour early simply to ensure there’s a spot to park. We are delighted to deliver this solution! 

Are you a hospitality venue needing help to solve parking?

Are you a sporting or RSL club or hospitality venue facing the same parking challenges as Bondi Diggers RSL? We can help! Our manual and automated parking bollards for hospitality venues are perfect to solve your parking challenges! Check out our bollard shop.

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