Why choose manual folding bollards over automatic folding bollards?

parking bollards

Automatic bollards tend to steal the show most of the time. With their convenience unrivalled, there may seem little reason to elect a manual parking bollard over them.

Well we’re here to bat in the corner of manual parking bollards! There are a few reasons people choose manual folding bollards over their fancier automatic cousins. And here those reasons are.


Reason 1: No power source required

Manual parking bollards just work. No questions asked. No looking for a power source or waiting for a signal from a remote control. They lower with a good old-fashioned key turn. You’ll never need to remember to charge bollard batteries, remote controls or your smartphone. No, the manual bollard is beholden to none (well, except the key if you choose to lock it).


Reason 2: They’re just more affordable

Manual parking bollards don’t require any fancy hat tricks to do what they do. This makes them by far the most cost-effective security measure one could adopt to keep their parking spot clear of unauthorised usage. No internal motor, no batteries, no power source, no sensors. The savings are tenfold, and are passed on to you as the customer. Elegant in its simplicity.


Reason 3: Maintenance is a breeze

Other than a good clean, and maybe some greasing of the hinges, there really is no long-term maintenance required by a manual folding bollard. While their fancier counterparts may need the odd battery change, these folding bollards will remain steadfast in their duty for many years to come with little encouragement on your part.


Well there you have it. All the reasons why manual parking bollards are just as much the fine fellows as their counterparts. Give them a visit over on our products page.