What does working from home mean for your parking?

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Is working from home the new future of Australia’s corporate workforce culture? Even on a part-time basis? To date, it seems as though Australians have adapted and embraced it well.

When companies like Atlassian announce that they will no longer require their employees to return to the office for work even after the pandemic ends, is this setting the future trend for a large sector of the Australian workforce?

This news comes directly on the heels of similar decisions from Facebook and Twitter, which have both announced that employees can work from home permanently if they choose to do so. Source: Business Insider Australia

While some employers can navigate a safe and hygienic path back to work in a corporate office, the “new normal” optional WFH will have quite a different look and feel to the “old normal” workplace culture for quite some time. Source: SMH.

And why not? WFH is something that employees have been lobbying for years (especially groups like working mothers). And now employers have experienced first-hand that it can really work for them – that it is efficient, productive, and cost-effective in their environment.

A recent national survey, conducted by Catalyst Research for family wellbeing charity Uplifting Australia, suggests a significant part of our population wants to retain specific elements experienced during lock-down. Not surprisingly these relate to human connection and wellbeing – two out of five families enjoy more quality time together, and employees WFH have used the opportunity to invest in personal emotional wellbeing. Source: SMH

Forbes Magazine reports that other large companies, including JPMorgan, Facebook, Capital One, Amazon, Microsoft, Zillow, are also extending their WFH policies. Source: Forbes. If this becomes a trend long-term, it will likely dramatically transform the way we design our cities and envisage our CBDs. Reduced commuting times could restore leisure and family time to millions of people with long commutes in cities like Sydney and Melbourne. Fewer people driving to work in cars would mean a permanent reduction in air pollution and less need for huge road construction projects that cut swaths through residential areas.

Many things need to be redesigned and thought through and may become obsolete. Strata managers and town planners have a new responsibility to ensure that there’s enough safe and permanent resident and visitor parking for cars that are now no longer traveling to work, but rather spending longer amounts of time parked at their owner’s new place of work – Home.

Insurance companies need to come to the party also; cars are being used less, with accident risks being reduced, and as such insurance premiums need to be reviewed. 

More often than not in high-rise residential, there are more cars than residential parking spaces, which unfortunately means that residents too often park in disabled or visitors parking when they are not supposed to.

Of late, this has become a noticeable problem in many residential strata buildings. At thatsmyspot.com.au we’ve had renewed interest from strata, facilities, and building managers who are becoming increasingly frustrated at this dilemma and need assistance to solve the problem of residents overstaying in visitors, loading docks, trade or disabled parking spots, especially with so many people now working from home.

thatsmyspot’s heavy-duty parking lock allows residents to secure their dedicated parking spot from unauthorized use, smoothly and hassle-free, as it is secured with this easy to use heavy-duty manual-folding parking bollard with either a key or a padlock.


Retailing at $209, our Heavy Duty Parking Bollard is a sturdy, strong, simple, and cost-effective parking solution to protect your parking space.

thatsmyspot.com.au is a proudly-owned 100% Australian family business. We are based in Sydney and deliver Australia-wide. We are committed to helping strata and facilities managers ensure they provide the infrastructure to their customers to stay safe in our new normal, while simultaneously vastly improving one’s parking experience and solving parking “pain-points”. 

We offer a range of smartphone, remote-controlled, and manual parking bollards and parking locks to protect and enhance your parking experience.

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