We’re Going to Need More Bollards – Electric Vehicle Sales in Australia Have Tripled


With countries like the UK and Singapore rethinking city infrastructure to create smarter and more sustainable cities, Australia is following suit.

The number of electric vehicles sold in Australia in the past 12 month period has exploded – tripling previous sales records, skyrocketing from 6,900 EVS in 2020 to 24,078 IN 2021 (rest easy, we’ve ramped up supply of our parking bollards to meet demand). Meaning EV sales now account for 2.39% of the new vehicle car market in Australia.

This is no small blip on the radar, as EV car sales have been lagging for years now. But recent policy initiatives like those undertaken by NSW government to fast-track electric vehicle adoption have been a success.

These policy changes have made huge strides towards incentivising electric vehicle ownership, from hybrids to fully battery-powered vehicles. And with that, some massive adaptions to city infrastructure to facilitate ease of charging electric vehicles in Australian cities. The coveted outcome of electric vehicle adoption en-masse is a “low-emissions future” (nsw.gov.au). Some incentives in NSW to achieve this include:

  • Phasing out stamp duty and introducing distance-based road user charges on eligible electric vehicles to make them more affordable
  • Investing $171 million to build a road network of “ultra-fast charging stations”
  • Switching the NSW government fleets to electric vehicles by 2030

This is an incredible victory not just for Australia, but for the entire planet. Carbon emissions from combustion engines are the leading offender contributing to global warming. Switching from combustion to EV usage has a massive positive impact for our planet.

As adoption of electric vehicles increase, certainty of availability of EV charging points becomes more critical, especially in the big metropolitan areas. EV drivers will require certainty around the availability of electric charging stations, which will have a spill-on effect on increasing EV adoption. And securing these EV charging bays with parking bollards, to ensure they are available for EVs when they need to charge and not just for any regular vehicle parking or “icing” the spot, is becoming more critical.

That’s My Spot sells parking bollards in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane more than anywhere else nationwide. And the reason for that is simple – the more cars there are, the more competitive parking spaces become. And a rise in EVs is no different. To charge, EVs will need to park. Reliably ensuring availability of EV charging stations when needed in these key areas will result in a positive spill-on effect, including less stress and a better driver experience, which will in turn contribute to increased EV-adoption.