The World’s First 3D Printed Bollard?

3D printer printing

The world’s first 3D printed bollard was stationed for duty at the Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands as recently as 2021.

Port officials were quoted as saying that the bollard is “at least the same quality as cast steel ones”.

3D printer

Made of steel, and designed to moor boats of no small proportions, the event is a massive vote of confidence for this new channel of bollard production! 

So what is 3D printing and why is this noteworthy? 3D printing technology has been a silent constant for manufacturing and production endeavours – but usually only at the prototyping stage.

What’s incredible about this bollard is that it is the beginning in a rapidly evolving trend of using 3D printing to create an end product.

3D printed car

There’s good reason why we’re seeing 3D printer manufacturing rising rapidly amongst different industries, including aerospace, education, health, automotive, and so much more.

One of the biggest benefits of creating bollards in this fashion is that the bollards can be produced at much closer proximity to their final destination, which makes them more sustainable. Imagine the benefit of cutting out the seafaring and airfaring associated with imports, which are heavy on resources, time and the planet! 

3D printing is transforming how several industries approach problems, and that a reinforced steel bollard is being entrusted to keep large boats tethered to shore is quite the testament to our confidence in how far 3D print technology has come.

3D printer filament

The process behind the production of these bollards isn’t too different from that of a modest desktop FDM printer, other than the scale and materials used. This is quite an incredible thought, as it means that on some level this degree of tech has already entered our homes.

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