The Importance of Parking Accessibility To The Success Of Your Restaurant

Restaurant Parking Success

Ease, accessibility and convenience of car parking matter a lot to Australian businesses. Let’s take the restaurant industry as an example as we rush full-on into the holiday season.

Choosing a location for a restaurant is one of the key factors to profitability. Alongside memorable food and service, parking and accessibility can be crucial to a restaurant’s success.

Buzztime Business research indicates if you’re a family-friendly restaurant, and children factor heavily into your demographic, a lack of parking could be disastrous. So it’s important to know your market and demographic well and zero into their parking requirements.

Tight parking in Mykonos

Accessibility to restaurants is key. It’s not a coincidence that major restaurant chains are often located near highway exits; it makes them easy to reach for customers. The reverse also applies; a multitude of restaurants can get away with poor quality food and/or service and ridiculous pricing because their locations are so unique accessible. Take, for example, the Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum, Bondi Beach or those idyllic beaches on the Greek Islands.

Visibility of the venue is also a key success factor. Patrons have to know the venue’s location, either in person or on their mobile devices. The use of online search engines, social media, reviews, blogs, and advertising enables restaurateurs and venue managers to promote their location by enhancing their visibility through these channels. This way, they can specifically target the clientele they wish to attract.

Once restaurants are well-established they can do little about their physical location. But improving customer access to their premises is key. Easy access and convenient parking can be a deciding factor for the customer as to whether they will patronize that particular restaurant. While parking is key, so too are the parking zones and applicable time restrictions.

In an ideal world, restaurants and venues would have their own dedicated on-site parking. However, the reality is that CBD and urban real estate is so expensive this is not always commercially feasible.

Sure, public transport, taxis, Ubers or a car ride service, walking, cycling, and public transport all need to be considered as a part of the mix, however, the convenience of driving and being able to park easily is key for both patrons and restaurant owners. And ultimately, parking improves accessibility, which improves the overall experience of the patron at that restaurant.

At we understand the challenges restauranteurs and venue managers face with the offering of parking to their patrons and allocating parking spots for their clientele, especially when utilizing a shared space, or parking station.

We assist restaurants and venues to secure allocated parking spots specifically for their patrons. Our automatic remote control and smartphone operated parking bollards and parking locks suit their needs perfectly, especially in the busy festive and holiday season.

Smartphone Parking Bollard TMS-APL5
Smartphone Parking Bollard TMS-APL5

Seamless to use and easily operated, our parking locks enable restaurant patrons stress-free parking, enhancing the customer dining experience.

A win-win for all; giving the restaurant a competitive advantage of parking in this cut-throat environment. is a proudly-owned 100% Australian family business. We are based in Sydney and deliver Australia-wide. We are committed to helping businesses and individuals to vastly improve their parking experiences and solving parking “pain-points”. We offer a range of automatic, smartphone and manual parking bollards and parking locks

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