The Different Automatic Parking Bollards


From Remote Control Bollards to Premium Smartphone Bollards

Who knew there were so many different kinds of parking bollards, let alone automatic ones!

To make it easy for you, we’ve compiled some notes on the three different kinds of automatic parking bollards we have at That’s My Spot. Hopefully this helps you decide on which one is best for your specific parking spot woes. And if you need more help, just give us a call.

Here goes. The three different bollards we’ll be covering include remote control parking bollards, as well as two different kinds of smartphone automated parking bollards.

Remote Control Parking Bollards

Just like a manual parking bollard, only instead of needing to step out of your car to fold them up or down, you simply use a remote control – like a garage door. These remote controls come pre-programmed to your remote control parking bollard, and if you need extras, you can always order them. For the extras, we can either program them for you when you purchase, or we can send them to you blank, with an easy video tutorial and you can program them yourself. That’s it! The remote controls are battery operated and the batteries last forever! If you need any extra remote controls for your family or guests, no problem, we can organise that for you as well. Perfect for those that prefer a remote control as to a smartphone operation, and super sturdy and strong. They are the perfect middle ground when it comes to spreading the budget between more convenience than a manual bollard with less of a price tag than a similar smartphone bollard.

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Smartphone Parking Bollards

Speaking of the next step up, these parking bollards replace the need for a remote control with a simple app installation on your smartphone. As the name implies, you simply tap a button on the app to lower the bollard whenever you drive in or out of the parking spot. Our bollards for sale at That’s My Spot will acknowledge the button click anywhere within 20 metres. Multiple users can download the app and operate the same bollard as well, making it a great choice for large families or visitor situations, especially common shared parking areas, like visitor parking bays operated by  strata and facilities managers. No need to carry around a remote control or be limited to as many users as there are remote controls. Share access to anyone at any time through the app.

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Premium Smartphone Parking Bollards

And finally, there is the premium smartphone bollard. Equipped with all of the features and benefits of the bollard above, in addition to a smart auto-sensor that will automatically lift the parking bollard when you leave the parking spot. This adds one additional layer of convenience to your journey. You can drive away without looking back, and the sensor will detect your vehicle’s departure. It will then rise up of its own accord within 2 minutes of your leaving.


Our premium smartphone bollards can be viewed here.

Questions to ask yourself when deciding which parking bollard is for you:

  • How many people will be using the parking bay?
  • Is the bollard for personal use or are you acting on behalf of strata or a corporate body?
  • What is your budget like?
  • Do you mind stepping out of your vehicle to operate a folding bollard?
Remote Control Parking Bollard and remote