How Safe, Smart, & Contactless Parking Solutions Will Shape The Future

Contactless Parking in COVID-19

Offering simple, smart, and most importantly, SAFE parking solutions is the new normal. Knowing that public hygiene, safety, and health is top of mind for our customers, we must offer a contactless parking solution they can trust.

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We’re all grappling with the unprecedented uncertainties in our new post-COVID-19 world – from the health and safety of our loved ones, when we will see them next, to the uncertainty of financial security and how the economic impact of this crisis will play out domestically and globally.

Key in all this, and what we have done so well in Australia is to flatten the curve, and speedily reduce the spread. Our razor-sharp focus on hygiene and cleanliness has been paramount, together with social distancing, and just plain common sense.

The parking industry has been hit particularly hard, and to all my fellow industry participants, my thoughts go out to you all. We’re all hurting. With many Aussies now working from home and flexible working arrangements such as hot-desking, traditional tenancies and securing permanent parking allocations are facing significant change going forward.

But as an industry, what can we do right now to adapt and improve parking facilities? We can all agree that parking facilities have not had the best reputation in terms of cleanliness and hygiene to date. So it’s crucial for us in the parking industry to hone in on what our customer needs are right now. So that they feel they can trust us and our parking environments. And that is cleanliness, health and safety, minimal touch or contact, and social distancing. 

Parking station underground by Aleksei Zakirov

So many of you have already assisted our community. For example, the NSW Government offering free parking to health care workers at public hospital car parks, Parking Australia requesting industry assistance and relief on congestion and other government taxes imposed on the parking industry. To you all, thank you.

In the private sector, many of our parking operator peers have responded to our customers’ key concerns of hygiene, safety, and cleanliness by upgrading their systems to contactless solutions. From seamless online pre-booking your allocated parking spot to cashless transactions and processing at payment terminals – all without the need to touch a ticket, meter, button, or any hardware. Great way to stop the transmission of disease. Another fantastic agile response is the free click-and-collect pick-up zones for retailers, like Westfield Direct. All excellent adaptive responses. 

At we are seeing more interest in our smartphone parking-bollards; primarily because they meet customers’ needs now for contactless parking solutions. Touchless parking means more trust for our customers. For example, as we come back into our new normal, valet parking operators are looking at automated touchless bollards like ours to replace the human contact of valet parking services, but still deliver the same level of high customer service that valet customers expect. All operated contactlessly.

thatsmyspot smartphone parking bollard app

Accessing your parking spot with our smartphone parking-bollards is completely contact-free. It’s all done via an app on your own phone. No need to get out of your car, touch anything. Simple, safe, and hygienic. 

As a driver you operate your smartphone parking bollard, using an app on your smartphone. As you drive towards your parking spot, simply tap the app to lower your parking bollard from up to 20 metres away. When driving away from your parking bay, our smartphone bollards have an auto-sensor which automatically elevates your parking bollard to again secure your parking space for you. 

Simple, smart, and most importantly, SAFE, as part of our new normal. Knowing that public hygiene, safety, and health is top of mind for our parking customers, we offer a parking solution they can trust.

TMS-APL4-smartphone-parking-bollard-with-auto-sensor is a proudly-owned 100% Australian family business. We are based in Sydney and deliver Australia-wide. We are committed to helping businesses and individuals to stay safe in this “new world” simultaneously vastly improving one’s parking experience and solving parking “pain-points”. 

We offer a range of smartphone, remote-control, and manual parking bollards and parking locks to protect and enhance your parking experience.

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