Parking pain, smart cities and sharing data


Parking pain, smart cities, and sharing data – how we work together for stakeholders to achieve the best outcome?

Adjusting the ongoing balancing act between:

· providing enough parking for residents, but don’t overdevelop

· reducing traffic congestion & environmental impact, & also providing transport mobility.

Using real-time data for parking, we can work together to aggregate fragmented parking resources and information into a seamless real-time platform.

The goal – more efficiently allocating parking as part of a circular economy, to enhance city liveability and sustainability.

And improve the sustainability of our planet. smartphone parking bollards go a long way towards improving this conundrum.

Disabled Car Park with Parking Bollard

We enable users to safely secure and share their designated parking spot by installing their own smartphone parking bollard and accessing it with an app on their smartphone.

So when the parking spot owner isn’t using it, she can share it with other pre-authorized users who have booked her spot.

Facilitating a sharing economy on a completely contactless basis.

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