Parking Locks & Parking Barriers New South Wales is a 100% Australian owned family business, based in Sydney, but delivering Australia wide and also to New Zealand.

We can ship parking locks and parking barriers anywhere in New South Wales with shipping starting at $15.00. was started as a result of our personal experience.

As the world has become a busier and busier place, knowing that you have your own dedicated parking space 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is very valuable and extremely important to so many of us. Although you might have your own designated parking space in a shared parking residential, office or commercial building, how many times have you arrived at that parking space to find someone else has decided to park there ?? That person might not intentionally mean to inconvenience you, its just easier for them to drop their car there – just for a bit. But boy does it inconvenience you!!

As a result of that happening to us too many times, was started.

Now thanks to parking locks, you can easily stop all that inconvenience and frustration, so only you, or those who you want to have access to your parking space, can use it. Just use parking locks.

They are so easy to operate – either automatically by a simple remote control or if you prefer, a simple manual lock. They rise up to form a barrier to prevent unwanted users, and lower down flat to allow you to park your car there.

We have tested our products through and through – indoors, outdoors, in all sorts of weather conditions, and stand behind our products with a full 12 month warranty.

So make your life easier and stress-free by guaranteeing that your parking spot is free for you with a parking lock.