Off-street parking solutions – how the latest technology is improving the way we park


Is traditional on-street parking on the way out?

Since COVID, in early 2020, cities across the world vastly reduced on-street parking to allow for improved social distancing.

So has this started the beginning of a global shift away from on-street parking?

MIT Professor, Eran Ben-Joseph estimates there are 800 million surface parking spaces in the United States, which cover up to one-third of downtown land area in some US cities.

Park Avenue NYC, 1924 photocredit: Bettman – Getty Images

In New York City there is a movement to bring the green nature park medians in the middle of Park Avenue back to fashionable places to stroll.

The city is considering bringing back chairs and benches, expanding the median, eliminating traffic lanes and carving out room for bike lanes and walking paths. [Source]

This opportunity is huge for many densely populated cities.

As long as on-street parking is available, people will use it.

BUT, if governments move to restrict or abandon on-street parking, then they — alongside entrepreneurs and innovators — can use the new space for these more productive uses – like public usable green spaces, sidewalk cafes, and bike lanes.

Optimizing utilisation of private and municipal garages should push local governments to start removing on-street parking.

Have we learned from 2020 that we can do so much better by repurposing on-street parking, and more efficiently utilising off-street parking?

So what technology can improve the way we use and optimise off-street parking?

The biggest challenge generally faced with off-street parking is that mobile reception and Wifi drop out in these underground basements.

So while parking apps are great to get you to the entry point to a building that should have available parking spaces, once you’re there, you can’t get real-time information to tell you whether any specific parking space is still available for you, or whether someone has already parked there.

This is because they have no way of securing that individual parking space just for you, AND communicating that to you in real-time while your phone is in the underground parking basement.

With our SMART parking bollards at that’smyspot however, we can solve this problem with TECHNOLOGY.

So coupling our SMART parking bollards with something like a phone app CAN work underground in concrete parking stations to operate our that’smyspot automated bollards. We have the technology that uses your smartphone just like a remote control, to lower or raise our smart parking bollards as you want to drive into your designated parking spot, which is securely reserved for you with our smart parking bollards.

Smart Parking Bollards installed in an underground parking lot in Sydney

And you can even book the time and day you want to use a specific parking spot for your visitors, customers or tenants. You just ask the admin, whether it’s the strata manager, building manager or your concierge, to grant you access as a resident, tenant, employee or special visitor.

And there’s no limit on the number of people you can share access to your parking spot with that is securely reserved with your smart parking bollard.

With a free app, a visitor can just register their tel no, request sharing access – for a pre-specified day or time window, and then the admin can just switch that sharing access on. So easy!

The technology we use is built into every smartphone – and we have designed our smart parking bollards to be especially suited to off-street parking, in those situations where mobile reception and Wifi cut out.

So how do these smart parking bollards work in these underground parking stations?

Simple! We use Bluetooth technology to connect our smart parking bollards to your phone. So no need for any mobile reception or access to wifi.

And that is how the latest technology is improving the way we park in off-street parking lots. But securely reserving each individual parking spot with a smart parking bollard, you can be assured that your reserved parking spot is ready and waiting just for you when you need it.

Smartphone Parking Bollard
Extra-tall Smartphone parking bollard upright TMS-APL5 and TMS-APL6

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